27,000 trees

That’s the number that are destroyed each day, just to make toilet paper. Apart from the irreversible impact to the ecosystem, harvesting trees are the primary source of smoke haze in South East Asia. BAMBOOLOO are our range of sustainable bamboo-based products that are 100% wood-pulp free, and come in our innovative 100% recycled, plastic-free packaging.

better for you

BAMBOOLOO is made from 100% virgin bamboo pulp from the best bamboo groves in Chongqing region of China. The same bamboo fibre is also used to make fabric, which gives it its great soft and silky feel.

BAMBOOLOO is anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and hypoallergenic. BAMBOOLOO is low linting and does not produce wood dust which makes it great for sensitive skin and noses.

BAMBOOLOO is 25% more absorbent than wood-pulp based paper products, and 30% stronger.

better for the planet

BAMBOOLOO is grown insecticide-free, fertilizer-free, chemical-free using a fully sustainable production process from certified sources that uses 80% less water.

BAMBOOLOO is made without any harsh chemicals, bleaches, chlorine, inks, dyes or scents.

BAMBOOLOO is made from bamboo which is a grass and not a tree. When bamboo is cut, it grows back, sometimes more than a meter a week! When a tree is cut it dies and the ground needs to be cleared to plant new trees, which causes irreversible harm to the ecosystem and the environment.


single roll

Our BAMBOOLOO single-roll contains 220 sheets of 3-ply premium bamboo toilet paper which makes it up to 50% thicker and provides up to 20% more sheets than most other brands. They are individually wrapped in 100% recycled material for your hygiene.

grab bag

Our innovative grab bags are our most popular plastic-free option. 8 single-rolls are packed in a 100% recycled kraft card bag complete with pop-out carry handles so you can bring them home without putting them in yet another plastic bag.

36-roll case

Families and small businesses will love our 36-roll case. Our boxes are made of 100% recycled kraft cardboard and offer the best value.

96-roll carton

Our 96-roll carton is our commercial offering for larger businesses looking for a high-volume, plastic-free, freight-ready solution.